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    Quality comes from specialty, specialty comes from

    時間:2019-7-30 來源:萬瑞工貿 瀏覽量:1241

    As a result of the company's business development, new people are constantly joining our sales team. Jiaozuo Wanrui industry and Trade Co., Ltd. uses the combination of "old with new" and collective training to help new people get familiar with product knowledge and master communication skills, so that they can quickly master professional skills in the shortest time and provide better services for customers.

    On the morning of July 30, Mr. Li Xianyou, the company's sales director, led all the new and old business personnel to visit the pump and valve room site of different customers of our company, and carried out a vivid product practice lesson.

    In the air conditioning unit of Wuzhi County People's Hospital, Mr. Li explained the actual installation and application method of our company's product "rubber joint" and the effect achieved.

    In Guoyuan water supply unit, you know the actual assembly of various rubber joints and valves.

    In the heat exchange station of Wande thermal power company, we have a new understanding of the role of metal hose.

    New people only know product knowledge in materials or production workshop before, and they are often vague about the actual field application. This site visit made them have an intuitive understanding of product performance, installation and use.

    In the afternoon, Mr. Li took advantage of the hot iron and organized all business personnel to hold an exchange meeting. Everyone expressed their own opinions on the morning's on-site trip, and carried out more in-depth discussion on relevant questions or ideas.

    General manager Li and sales managers Tian Ke and Liu Chao, who are experienced on site, impart their experience to everyone without reservation.

    No matter the new comer or the old person who has some sales experience, they have given a positive response to the on-site learning. Everyone has said that they should visit and learn more on-site in the future, strengthen professional skills, better serve customers, and promote Wanrui's products to a broader market.

    Finally, I'd like to give you a family portrait of our sales team, and thank them for their efforts for the company!

    Work hard and be responsible for customers,

    This is our faith!

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