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    Wanrui Small Lecture: Installation Method of Metal

    時間:2019-6-11 來源:萬瑞工貿 瀏覽量:1943

    Metal corrugation compensator can compensate axial, transverse and angular direction. It has no thrust, simplified support design, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, noise reduction and vibration reduction, etc. It is especially suitable for hot air pipeline and dust pipeline.

    Installation methods and precautions of metal corrugated expansion joints:

    1. Before installation, the type and specification of corrugated stainless steel corrugated compensator and the configuration of pipes and supports must meet the design requirements.

    2. For compensators with draft tube, attention should be paid to making the direction of draft tube consistent with the direction of medium flow (installed according to the flow direction sign of compensator). The hinge rotation plane of the plane angular compensator should be consistent with the displacement plane.

    3. A cold-tightened compensator is needed. The auxiliary component of its pre-deformation function should be removed after the pre-deformation of the stainless steel corrugated compensator.

    4. The auxiliary positioning components and fasteners used in the compensator for installation and transportation protection shall be removed immediately after the installation of the pipeline system, and the limit device shall be adjusted to the prescribed position according to the design requirements. The system can be fully compensated under environmental conditions.

    5. It should be noted that the compensator does not absorb torque, so it is not allowed to be twisted when installing stainless steel corrugated compensator.

    6. In addition to the pre-tension or "cold-tight" deformation required by the design, it is forbidden to use bellows deformation method to adjust the deviation of the installation pipeline, so as to avoid affecting the normal function of the compensator, otherwise it will reduce its service life and increase the load of the piping system, equipment and supporting components.

    7. Pipeline is good at neutrality. When there is no other way to guarantee, it can be guaranteed by installing straight pipes, cutting equal length pipes and installing compensators.

    8. The insulation layer should be made on the outer protective jacket of the compensator, not directly on the bellows. Thermal insulation materials containing chlorine shall not be used.

    9. During installation, no welding slag is allowed to splash on the surface of bellows, causing other mechanical damage to the bellows.

    10. The bracket must meet the design requirements. Pressure test in the pipeline before the bracket is installed, so as not to pull out the compensator.

    11. All active components of stainless steel corrugated compensator shall not be hooked by external components or restrict the normal operation of its active parts.

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